Papsmk Music

Papi News, Honorary Meerkats! Our Latest Single, CLOUDS is Here.

The instrumental music inspired a trip back to the eighties. One imagines Stevie Nicks or Pat Benetar having a go. We just love the song and had a great time recording it. We hope you feel as we do when you hear it. Thanks for listening and for your support. Available to buy exclusively at Bandcamp & Reverbnation.

Papillon Regina & The Pap's Meerkats create

Poetry In Motion with their first single releases.
Thought provoking with a sense of humour;

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.
Made in London

PAPSMK MUSIC Presents Cameron GammaCon - Just our thoughts on this Government and politicians in general put to a funky little beat.
David, I'll create my own future...

Money ER - The highest weight of currency in The Bible is a Talent.
We, The PAPSMK Party are using ours.

We believe in Free & Fair Trade.
Our Maiden Speech infused with Bleepy Electronica.
Let's Make Some More Money!

Available in most good digital record stores including

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